Enhance due diligence and efficiently identify opportunities

Post Covid, aviation is seen as a risky sector, with senior banking management requiring greater justification when lending to potential airline clients.

The Airline Analyst enables you to efficiently analyse the financial and operational performance of over 300 airlines on a granular level, and carry out like-for like comparisons across multiple airlines by region and segment type. Request your personalised demonstration today  ➡️ 


Why The Airline Analyst?

  • Financial and operational data for over 300 airlines - more than any other source.

  • Analyse and understand the business, financial and industry risks faced by potential airline clients or competitors.

  • Efficiently identify material risk, financing and re-financing opportunities.

  • Create compelling propositions with reliable data.

  • Safely shorten client response times. 


Our portfolio of high-value solutions

We’re dedicated to streamlining many of the aviation risk analysis and market analysis workflows, whilst enhancing due diligence. Speak to an account manager to see how you can benefit from:

  • A statistically significant number of airlines enables you to easily identify and benchmark performance and risk levels when analysing the market and enhancing your due diligence.

  • Latest Twelve-Month (LTM) financials, updated the moment released – always have access to the latest financial information.

  • Easily compare LTM across airlines – not so easy to do manually or via competitor sources. 

  • Spread calculations covering much wider of ratios – significant time saving.

  • You’ll find it hard to find another solution on the market that offers an IFRS 16 adjuster or ASK to ATK converter options.

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Trusted by banks, lessors, OEMs, investors and service providers



​We are supporters of The Airline Analyst as we immediately saw the benefits of having a single reliable source for gathering and spreading airline financials. It is important to us that the team at The Airline Analyst had a background in aviation finance and that they shared our approach and methodology in analysing airline financials. The service saves us time and effort and is flexible and reliable. It is used regularly throughout the bank by our credit and advisory units。


-Managing Director, Japanese Bank


​The Airline Analyst is a very useful and time-saving tool in our daily work, which enhances our working efficiency dramatically. I’m very impressed with the comprehensive coverage of over 200 airlines worldwide, deep analysis of the given data and quick update of recent figures. Moreover, TAAFRS acts as the best companion to The Airline Analyst, which can provide us an overall and dynamic view of the airline industry. I think TAA and TAAFRS are irreplaceable.


-Credit Assessment Department , CMB Financial Leasing, Co., Ltd.


​The Airline Analyst is a great tool for us and provides a lot of data and financial information on airlines from around the world. The information has become an important part of our internal rating system which helps us to evaluate the risk of airlines.


-Michael Zhu Feng, Research Director, Bocomm Leasing

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