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Our eagerly anticipated annual survey of the aircraft operating lease industry has just been published, and for the first time ever we're offering you the opportunity to download the report in full for free.

It's an unmissable opportunity to dig into the Top 50 lessors by fleet size, market value, orderbooks and more, as well as trend analysis on their financial performance.

What's inside

The Airfinance Journal Leasing Top 50 will give you access to the following insights:

  • The top 50 managers by number of aircraft and $MV of fleet ($m)

  • Beneficial owners by number of aircraft and $MV of fleet ($m)

  • Lessors’ orderbooks in quantity and value ($m)

  • Lessor firm orders

  • Trend analysis - Global aircraft leasing companies’ financial performance

  • Lessor funding sources

  • Analysis of the global leased fleet by the top 10 lessors.

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Source: Lessors and AFJ Fleet Tracker as of 30 June 2021.
Source: AVITAS Blue Book Market Values as of 01 October 2021.
Source: Leasing entities’ financial statements and Airfinance Journal.

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