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Join us in Dublin for Airfinance Journal’s first quarterly market briefing – Refinancing maturing bonds, a perfect storm. This session is invitation only and limited to a maximum of 30 attendees.

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Date: 17th January 2023
Location: The Convention Centre Dublin, 1st Floor, Liffey Hall 1
Session duration: 40min
Time: 15:30 / 17:30
Not attending AFJ Dublin? Not a problem, you don’t need to be an AFJ Dublin delegate to attend this session. 


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Investment grade lessors have $87 billion of unsecured bonds outstanding, of which $13 billion is scheduled for repayment in 2023. This refinancing of maturing bonds at a time of less liquidity and higher interest rates is the theme for the first Airfinance Market Briefing of the year.

When most aircraft with lease agreements have fixed rentals, lessors’ profitability could be severely squeezed.

  • To what extent will this impact the markets leading lessors?
  • What are the average remaining lease terms - will the security of cash flow outweigh the limited ability to reprice leases in line with refinanced increased funding costs?
  • Will lessors be passing this increased funding costs on to Airline customers in time?
  • Will passing on rates to airline clients risk damaging any long-term client relationships?
  • Are any of the leading lessors likely to lose their investment grade ratings?
  • What LTV will banks be prepared to offer in the current market and at what pricing?
  • Are banks in the aviation asset space scaling back their investments in this space and facing difficulties getting the internal approvals to lend into aviation like they used to?

With unique insights and data from The Lessor Analyst and The Airline Analyst, Airfinance Journal’s Michael Duff and Laura Mueller will be joined by S&P Global Ratings Betsy Snyder to consider the potential implications for the whole market.

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Michael Duff 
Product Director, Airfinance Journal

Michael has been involved in Aviation finance since he founded the Asian Aviation team for Citi in 1990. During his time in charge, Citi took a leading role in financing the region's airlines. Since joining Airfinance Journal in 2010, he has been focused on developing high value data and analytical products to deliver greater insights and workflow efficiencies.

Laura Mueller
Content Director and Aviation Finance Industry Chair

With over 20 years’ experience, Laura is a highly recognised and respected figure in the aviation finance industry. She is a regular moderator and speaker at industry events and contributor to aviation news. Laura also hosts a podcast, 'The Week In Review'. Laura joined Airfinance Journal to expand our news and data portfolio and ensure our continued status as the leading intelligence source for aviation finance.

Betsy Snyder
S&P Global Ratings

Highly respected Betsy Snyder joined S&P in 1990, she specialises in the ratings for transportation companies, including aircraft lessors and the airline industry.

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