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At Airfinance Journal, we believe that airline financial data sources are not created equal. For this reason, we encourage you to check the list below and see if your current airline financial analyst fulfills all the criteria.

Does your airline financial data source tick all the boxes below?


  • 300+ Airlines Data: Access full financials for over 300 airlines, providing a vast database for thorough analysis.
  • Customised Templates: Utilize templates and ratios meticulously crafted for airlines, ensuring a tailored and precise approach.
  • Multicurrency Capability: Seamlessly convert financial data into six currencies, facilitating global financial comparisons.
  • Unit Conversion: Effortlessly switch between miles and kilometres, enhancing flexibility in data representation.
  • IFRS 16 Adjustment: Make meaningful comparisons of airlines’ leverage whether they report under IFRS, US GAAP, or local GAAP.
  • Leverage Insight: Gain insights into leverage, both gross and net of unrestricted cash, for a comprehensive financial picture.
  • Financial Ratings: Assess financial ratings, empowering strategic decision-making for your portfolio.
  • Portfolio Comparison: Compare all airlines within your portfolio through a consolidated single report.
  • Expert Development: Benefit from expertise, as the platform was developed by a former senior credit officer from a major US aviation bank.
  • Market Analysis Tool: Conduct industry studies and forecasts effortlessly using the integrated "Market Analysis" tool.
  • Fuel Price Comparison: Compare average fuel prices per gallon to stay informed about industry trends.
  • Workforce Analysis: View average cost per employee, aiding in workforce-related financial assessments.
  • Performance Metrics: Track RASK, CASK, and various unit revenue and cost parameters for comprehensive performance evaluation.
  • API Integration: Import data directly into your risk rating system or CRM with API integration, ensuring seamless data flow.

We believe you can experience the full breadth of benefits listed above if you bring back The Airline Analyst, and we'd love to help you make the most of this powerful tool. Please reconnect with us today.


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