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The Airline Analysts’ API can automatically import financial and operational data directly into your preferred credit or CRM system. Enabling you to populate your models with up to date, rigorously validated, and consistent data.

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  • Confidence in the data quality you can automatically import into your own models and systems
  • Prepare multiple versions of reports for different uses – credit scoring, senior management briefings and more
  • Access and update data faster to meet the demands of your stakeholders – call the API as frequently as you require
  • Prevent yourself or your analysts from spending hours capturing airline financial data in-house.

Learn how you can use The Airline Analyst API to fast-track the delivery of essential financial and operational airlines' data right into your workflow.

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Connect with the most comprehensive intelligence on airlines' financial data

you need to drive business improvement and efficiencies. 

 Most comprehensive intelligence


Assemble comprehensive, specific ratios and derived metrics across 220 airlines (increasing shortly to 300+), including private airlines and airlines not available anywhere else. 


Trusted expertise


Led by a team of industry experts, all data goes through a rigourous maker-and-checker validation process to maintain data integrity. Our data is trusted by the biggest names in the aviation market, freeing up your time for better analysis.



Prepare multiple versions of reports for different uses (e.g. credit scoring, CRM and senior management briefings). You can decide what ratios and parameters to display.

Agility & Speed 

Greater agility for accessing and updating data. Increased speed in meeting the demands your stakeholders place on you. You can capture all of the updated data from The Airline Analyst by daily or more frequent calls.



Enhanced productivity

Allow your team to focus on providing better data analysis, instead of spending the hundreds of hours required to capture airline financial data in-house.

Automation & simple integration

Automatically import financial and operational data directly into your internal preferred credit or CRM system in a customisable format.

Easy to integrate, simple to build on.


Unparalleled financial and performance data of 300 airlines at your fingertips


Plug data via our easy-to-use API provides you with the most comprehensive airlines' financial data and metrics you need to fuel your models, streamline and simplify your processes and achieve cost efficiencies. 

What took days now takes minutes. 

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How aviation innovators are using our data and API

We are supporters of The Airline Analyst as we immediately saw the benefits of having a single reliable source for gathering and spreading airline financials. It is important to us that the team at The Airline Analyst had a background in aviation finance and that they shared our approach and methodology in analysing airline financials. The service saves us time and effort and is flexible and reliable. It is used regularly throughout the bank by our credit and advisory units。

The Airline Analyst is a very useful and time-saving tool in our daily work, which enhances our working efficiency dramatically. I’m very impressed with the comprehensive coverage of over 200 airlines worldwide, deep analysis of the given data and quick update of recent figures. Moreover, TAAFRS acts as the best companion to The Airline Analyst, which can provide us an overall and dynamic view of the airline industry. I think TAA and TAAFRS are irreplaceable.

The Airline Analyst is a great tool for us and provides a lot of data and financial information on airlines from around the world. The information has become an important part of our internal rating system which helps us to evaluate the risk of airlines.



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