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Gerry Butler

Chief Marketing Officer, Merx Aviation 

President, International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT)

Gerry Butler joined Merx in 2015 to head the Dublin office and operations and serves as global head of marketing. Previously, Mr. Butler was a Director at Apollo Aviation, where he served on the Board of Directors. During his tenure at Apollo, he expanded the Dublin office with oversight of the origination, marketing, pricing and risk functions. In his time with Apollo, Mr. Butler originated $2 billion of aircraft asset transactions, including more than 85 aircraft. Prior to his role at Apollo, he served in various roles with RBS Structured Asset Finance and RBS Aviation Capital in Dublin, London, and New York. Mr. Butler is a graduate of University College Dublin and has completed the Executive Management Program at Harvard Business School.

@ISTATcares: The ISTAT Foundation is now seeking grant applications from registered non-profit, non-governmental organizations that are directly responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, please check here:


Track and Trace


In this podcast, we look at LATAM’s EETC rejects as part of its Chapter 11 filing, bank access for lessors, ISTAT’s efforts to support the Covid-19 relief effort as well as movements by global governments to understand the rate of infection and how many people have developed antibodies to the coronavirus as we look to restart aviation operations.




Timing is Everything

This week we look at the market's optimism regarding new lessor business in 2020 and 2021, upcoming lessor bond maturities, American Airlines' credit default spreads and lessors taking a more assertive approach to restructurings this time by encouraging airlines to seek professional advice. If lessors are able to do so, the energy and focus will be on the restructuring rather than on watching airlines "circle the drain" as they aren’t typically the best handlers of restructurings.


Bracing for the Restart

In this podcast, we explore Avianca’s Chapter 11 filing and its request to reject 14 leased aircraft, a sharp fall in deliveries at the manufacturers and who will be the “lender of last resort”, especially when the airlines restart operations and liquidity needs intensify.


Accepting the 'Zombie State'

In this podcast, we discuss those lessors who have agreed to convert debt into equity as part an effort to save Norwegian Air from collapse, first-quarter lessor results, Nordic Aviation Capital’s move to increase financial flexibility for a period of 15 months and the lessor “zombie state” of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst..


The 'Gravest Crisis' in Aerospace History

The OEMs are no longer sugarcoating the pandemic and are adopting new pragmatic outlooks, resulting in production cuts and thousands of job losses. Norwegian pushes for a $1.2bn debt-for-equity swap to try to ensure its survival while, Delta, a fallen angel issuer, pulls off the largest single aviation bond deal. The numbers don’t lie, brace for more restructurings ahead.


The $100m Dollar Baby

From the sale of Goshawk to Airbus' "pop up" RFP and Delta's $100m daily cash burn rate, AFJ's Laura Mueller and Split Rock Aviation's Andy Mansell dive deeper behind the top read stories amidst the coronavirus pandemic.


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