Gain visibility of the leasing market and analyse investment opportunities in the aviation asset class, fast.

Analysing a lessor’s portfolio is an essential element of risk management but sourcing the financials of lessors and comparing portfolios can be an incredibly time-consuming activity.

The Lessor Analyst helps you to identify the relative riskiness of a lessor’s portfolio by reducing the time it takes to compare portfolios, enabling you to understand their risk profile based on asset, lessee, and repossession risk. Request your personalised demonstration today.  ➡️ 


Why The Lessor Analyst?

  • Analyse and understand the business, financial and industry risks faced by potential lessor clients or competitors.
  • Currently the only single-source view of the leasing market.
  • Identify financing and re-financing opportunities.
  • Efficiently and effectively make up to date, like-for-like, comparisons between relevant lessors.
  • Create compelling propositions with reliable data.
  • Benchmark lessor performance and risk levels across the market.


Our portfolio of high-value solutions

We’re dedicated to streamlining many of the aviation risk analysis and market analysis workflows, whilst enhancing due diligence. Speak to an account manager to see how you can benefit from:

  • Easy access to an unrivaled view of the aviation leasing market – 100+ lessor and leasing entities
  • Latest Twelve-Month (LTM) financials, updated the moment released – always have access to the latest financial information
  • Easily compare LTM across aviation lessors – not so easy to do manually or via competitor sources 
  • Spread calculations covering much wider of ratios – significant time saving
  • The only single-source view of the leasing market, including the first and currently only, lessor portfolio risk ratings tool.

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