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The Guide to Aviation Lawyers 2023 is the most comprehensive survey of its type and crucially offers you real insight into the aviation market. It sifts through 1,200 deals reflecting the recovery in 2022.

As well as providing a barometer of the market and deals activity, you’ll gain a strong indication of which law firms specialise, and are most favoured, by deal type and region.

While 2022 was another challenging year for the aviation sector, some regions and areas of the market have proved more buoyant and resilient than others.


Key Findings:

  • The inactivity in the Capital Markets, compared with previous years is a consequence of a higher interest rate environment - coupons have effectively doubled to at least 6% on senior tranches and in 2022 sponsors opted not to issue subordinated tranches.
  • Europe saw a large increase in unique eligible deals in 2022, with 449 versus 362 the previous year.
  • The number of unique eligible transactions in Asia-Pacific declined significantly to 263 last year, almost a third lower than the 281 in 2021.
  • The Middle East, Africa and Latin America saw an increase in eligible transactions, whereas North America saw a slight decrease with 292 transaction points versus 313 the previous year.
  • The Export Credit Agency (ECA) market recorded a similar level of activity - Airfinance Journal reported earlier this year that lessors were in talks with ECAs to help fill the breach vacated by some banks and the ABS market.
  • The Operating Lease Market continues its recovery from the pre-pandemic with 634 transactions recorded, while the activity in the Structured Leases Market in 2022 almost tripled from the number of 2021 transaction points.

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Source: Airfinance Journal's Deal Tracker and law firms submissions.

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