Fresh capital inflows transforming the aircraft leasing landscape

In the current market environment, we observe that lease yields have yet to show signs of an upturn, while interest rates remain high and show no immediate signs of easing. These challenges prompt critical questions: Are lease rates reflective of the underlying portfolio risk?


Despite adjustments for the impact of COVID, Return on Equity (ROE) figures for most top lessors, apart from AerCap, have dwindled to mid-high single digits compared to the robust 15% plus achieved a decade and a half ago. This raises a pivotal question - why are new investors still entering the space, and what kinds of deals are they engaging in?


The 2024 edition of the Leasing Top 50 report has been crafted to unravel these pressing questions, offering you valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of the aircraft leasing market.


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Why read?


  • ​Investment Grade Evaluation: Evaluate the potential impact on your investment grade status as you contemplate adjustments in leverage.
  • Cost Dynamics for Your Aircraft Fleet: Gain an understanding on how changes in leverage might affect the costs of your aircraft debt and equity under different scenarios.
  • Strategic Funding Decisions: Explore the pros and cons of sticking with unsecured debt capital markets funding for your aircraft leasing endeavours.
  • Capacity Check for Aircraft Financing: Determine if there's sufficient room in the bank and private debt markets to replace a substantial portion of unsecured debt for your aircraft fleet on a secured basis.


What's inside?


​The Airfinance Journal Leasing Top 50 report will support your strategic decisions with access to these insights:

  • The top 50 managers by number of aircraft and $MV of fleet ($m)
  • Top 50 beneficial owners by number of aircraft and $MV of fleet ($m)
  • Top 50 Lessors (with 10 or more aircraft) by % of new generation fleet
  • Top lessors by number of aircraft firm orders
  • Top lessors by value of aircraft firm orders
  • Trend analysis - Global aircraft leasing companies’ financial performance
  • Lessor funding sources
  • Analysis of the global leased fleet by the top 10 lessors.


Source: Airfinance Journal's The Lessor Analyts and Fleet Tracker.

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