Strong post-COVID recovery - Airlines' ratios revert to a more normal range.

The last twelve months have seen a continued strong post-COVID recovery, with revenues, load factors, and EBITDAR margin, improving for most airlines. The period has also seen fixed charge cover, liquidity, and leverage ratios reverting to a more normal range.


The Airline Top 100 report reviews the top 100 airlines (including private airlines) with an in-depth look into their financial and operational performance, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your chosen leading carriers.


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What’s new about this year’s report:


  • For the first time, the 2023 edition allows you to download the airline rankings into Excel as well as in PDF to support your own analysis. 
  • We provide the last 3 years of the Airline Financial Ratings – from the peak impact of COVID in 2020/2021 to the present time - to highlight the trend in the financial strength of the airlines.


Key Findings:

  • The best performers were those airlines in countries that relaxed travel restrictions more recently, such as Japan (Skymark Airlines and Japan Airlines) and New Zealand (Air New Zealand).
  • A robust performance by leisure airlines such as Jet2, Pegasus Airlines, and easyJet, which all scored well in terms of liquidity, reflecting strong forward bookings.
  • The stronger performers in terms of revenue included airlines with a strong presence in long-haul markets. Delta Air Lines once again leads the industry with revenue of US$55.7bn for the latest twelve months, an increase of 33% compared to the previous period.
  • The highest-ranked airlines by passenger load factor were dominated by Low Cost Carriers (LCCs), across all regions. Ryanair topped the list with an impressive 93.5%.
  • Some high-ranked Asian airlines showed a notable reduction in terms of average revenue per passenger, as a result of these airlines' rapidly growing capacity by an extraordinary 340% to 470%, as travel restrictions relaxed, and international demand returned during this period.

Source: Airfinance Journal's The Airline Analyst and Airline Financial Ratings.

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